First of all, we are present.

Present for 60 years in the artisanal ice-cream and patisserie sector, a market we created in 1963 and which we witnessed evolve anticipating or introducing the changing conditions of the outside world and therefore the varied needs of our stakeholders, ice-cream and pastry makers, who we have always stood by.

Alcas in brief

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A simple name that also aims to be a declaration of intent, an acronym reminiscent of the values of quality and excellence, a graphic symbol that evokes perfect shapes and palpable geometries. This is the birth of PAP, the Alcas paper project.

Sustainable future

Sustainability and future are the key words that guide our strategic path. They are so important that we wanted to make them part of our corporate image with a logo slightly, yet substantially, updated with the insertion of two arrows that represent speed, dynamism and the circular economy and with a new payoff representing long-standing partnerships for a shared and “sweet” future that is sustainable.

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